damn right that's my living room window!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

To sit on the moon...

Despite all that's been going on, I stitched a gift for a friend. Lots of stitching has been happening.

Front and back for those who care about that sort of thing. I've been playing around with camera settings to get better pictures. Really, in retrospect I probably just need a new one. At least one that can take pictures while stuff is moving. Grayce, for example...lol
I hope she enjoys this gift. She has been a lover of fairies and pixies for as long as I can remember.
Happy Birthday Erica!

In remembrance...

There's lots of things I have wanted to say for a while. My sister lost her battle with cancer last month. It still doesn't feel real. We didn't even know until after she passed. To say our relationship was strained doesn't cover it. More like non-existent. I'll never know why. But that doesn't even seem to matter anymore. She's gone. I miss her. I love you sister, more than ever now. There's few pictures I have of her. Even less of her with me. Only windows into our youth and happier times remain. Someday I'll post a few. They're the only pieces left of her I have....

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I started a thing....

Organized some things.

Worked more stitches on a previous thing. Now has more chicken-y goodness.

Found some vintage things.

Drank some coffee with newly started thing.

Looked up how to re-use these things.
We've been pretty productive today. Time for a nap. Or so Sammy says.
He's kind of annoyed with me right now. We didn't have our morning snuggle.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Life has been settling down nicely around here. It's still a bit crazy sometimes and I want to crawl in a hole and hide from my 3 going on 4 year old some days. Samuel is tolerating us. Lol. If I lived in this crazy house as a baby I'd be grumpy too.
There's still no knitting, crocheting, or spinning over here. Just stitching. Stitching. And....you guessed it, more stitching. My mom and I have been finding lots of cross-stitch and embroidery stuff at yard sales and the local flea market. Cloth by the yard, towels, bibs and kits. DMC floss. Charts and stretcher bars and not to mention the huge Ziploc full of embroidery and quilting needles. (I won't need any needles forever!) I'd show you but I'm in the middle of organizing it all. My mom just took some of the fabric and floss and the quilting needles and shoved the rest on me. Not that I don't like it and certainly I'll use it. Let me get through the first batch of stuff first mom...geez! I could open my own shop up soon! When I get an idea of what I have I'll take pictures. It's epic.

A little bit more progress has been made to the Happy Hens piece. The chickens are a lot of work and require patience and concentration. Short supply of that here. But regardless, there has been progress!
Maybe by the end of the week I'll have all 3 girls stitched and with their heads on!
Oh and next time I'll tell you about the yarn run my bestie and I made to a closing LYS. I'm sad to see Marge and her husband go. But, their retirement was well earned. Good luck to them!
I'm going to go enjoy that cuppa before the kiddos wake up an want their supper. The mister is included in that statement. heh....

Saturday, July 6, 2013

New for summer...

 We've had an addition.

Samuel was born on 6/6. Big sister is just crazy about him. As are we.
That means of course no knitting has been done for a while. 3 months to be exact.
But I have been stitching. Lots and lots of stitching.


Finishing lots of things that need finished. Adding stuff here and there and going through lots of stuff to be pitched, donated, or repurposed. You've got to love when things just start making sense and run even smoother than you hoped.
For now I'll leave you with the funniest picture of our little photo shoot.

Please paparazzi! I said no more! No more pictures please! I'm calling mom!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

gloomy gloom gloom...

Where's all this crappy weather coming from? I swear every year I live here it gets weirder and weirder....One day 75 sunny and mild fall day to 35 and rain/sleet/apocolypse for a week. We've had sunshine off and on today but the clouds are being bossy and making it impossible for me to take pictures of anything current I'm working on....that and it sounds like world war 9 outside...the wind is howling for sure!

Currently I've been plugging away on dishcloths and have found a crochet potholder that holy cannoli is great! (Where has it been all my life?!) You make a foundation chain and then single crochet around and around until it somehow through voodoo origami it makes a square. voodoo....just voodoo...

Today was a day of cooking and baking and crafting as we stayed in doors. I made a wonderful loaf of bread that the husbeast was drooling over before he left for work telling both fuzzle and me not to eat it all or we'd be in trouble...heh...
I'm in shock how my house has just converted to homemade bread so easily. I thought we would have to keep buying to suppliment when I just wasn't up for baking a loaf or two but that hasn't been the case. It's been wonderful! Less bread eating period/and no goopy, cheap white bread. When we do eat bread I take comfort in the fact that I've made it with my own two hands and I know whats in it. It feels wonderful. And hey....getting a toddler to eat wheat bread she helped to knead/slap around is a bonus too. I'm thinking of starting another bread starter since I'm home and have the time and means now to do it. We won't talk about how I forgot about the other one and it started creepily creeping about the fridge and we ended up naming it steve....

and with that my friends that don't exist I'm tapped out and am going to go watch some cooking channel and work on my vooooooodoooo..... (creepy? no? damn...)

P.S. potty training....as in "big girl potty" complete with toilet ring = very gross....just saying...


Monday, October 8, 2012

all the time in the world....is not as much as you think it is....

One of the things I've found being a stay at home mom is I have more than enough time. Saying that...I find there's not enough time to do anything but clean, cook, and spend time with my little fuzzle so she doesn't tear down the house.

Occasionally I have days where I've caught up on everything and I can enjoy my time, fuzzle time, and sometimes something extra like a game or sewing. More often then not though...I divide all that "time" into 10-15 minute intervals as I'm doing other things, so I feel rushed, and flustered and forget about the extra things I'd like to fit in and just go with the day. One of those extra things is hanging with friends or hanging with the knit group. I feel horrible that I don't have the "extra time" for things like that. I know that one of the things in life I need to work on is making that time.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about the priorities in my life and a couple of events have led me to where I am right now. I appreciate everyone who has talked and walked along with me these past couple of months through it all...without them I couldn't...and wouldn't be able to deal and move on from things. Thank you.

As anyone who actually reads this blog can see I have my computer back. Thanks to my dad and some ingenuity from hubby and myself we got it up and running again!

Expect some long winded posts sooner or later. I'm going to try my best to throw myself at this to make it a weekly thing. I need to hold myself up to something long term to get myself in a better crafting and life living state. Bear with me guys....It's not going to be all Freudian and weird...lol...but I can say that it will be a wild ride sometimes...mostly for me.

The Fuzzle is growing by leaps and bounds and I'm so proud of her and can't wait to see what she's going to do everyday. 3 is a big year....at least around here it is. I'm just floored my little one has learned so much and is doing so many things. It makes me wonder who she gets it from...lol and no not the mailman....

Crafting has been very interesting this year...I feel I've grown quite a bit in more than one area.
The Rona Lace shawl was done and blocked. Although I didn't get it into the fair, I feel it was this year's biggest accomplishment so far. I recently finished a few shawls, cowls, hats, and other small projects.
I'm on a dishcloth kick right now, and I'm planning to make some washcloths for a friends upcoming baby.
One of the things I've done recently as well, was organize a craft space for myself. I've gotten the stash under control and purged stuff I've been holding onto that I know I'm neither going to use or have a use for.
This in itself feels wonderful!
I've also organized my craft supplies, patterns, sewing and quilting stuff, and tamed the beast that was my ravelry account. Now, I know which patterns I can feasibly do and have yarn for. They're organized under tabs so I can find things and actually knit from my queue! What a concept! I've even finished up and started some sewing projects that have been languishing. As well as all the mending that has been so badly needed. I had my father-in-law's shirt buttons picked out forever and finally put them on last night....after a year....yea I know....

Spinning is happening. Just not as much as I'd like.

So all in all, I've had time...but not really....I feel like this year has been a blur in more than one way.
As much as I claim to get done I don't. Or at least it doesn't feel like I do...and I'm going to make sure I make that "time" everyone including myself, is always looking for....

good night for now friends....